Easter AAR 2012

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Freedom Church

“Liberating the Oppressed”

Sunday April 8st AAR


  1. Today the people of Freedom Church really out did themselves.  We had 30 visiting families come and celebrate Easter with us.  We need to continue inviting people to join with us as we lift up Jesus.
  2. Some of those visitors came because of our On-Post Bible Study.  There are so many ways to reach out and this is just one of them to keep going with.
  3. I don’t know how it is happening but Freedom is rapidly becoming a multi-cultural church.  I love seeing color and ethnicity in church!  May God continue to make us a church for all nations and tribes.


  1. As awesome as today was we had some serious issues that maybe others didn’t catch.  Some of them were media others were personal touch issues.  As we get through the year these things will be dealt with and get better.
  2. Personal touch.  Because Jen and I are so new with our congregation we still don’t know everyone yet. This makes it difficult to recognize gifts, talents, and a desire to serve.  We have been having difficulties with the Children’s ministry.  Keep praying for us that we identify, train, and place the proper people.
  3. With the amount of guests we have had coming every week we need Guest Parking!!!

Additional Comments

3 weeks ago a young man came to me after service and said he wanted to accept Christ as his savior.  I was like awesome lets pray!  He said he wanted to wait till Easter.  I am not in the saving business that is God’s business, so I released him and blessed him hoping to see him today.  He was there today and we prayed and he received Christ!  How rewarding is that?  Numbers matter people.  They matter not for the sake of numbers, but for the sake of the people those numbers represent!

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