Sunday April 1st, AAR

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Freedom Church

“Liberating the Oppressed”

Sunday April 1st AAR


  1. I love Freedom Church.  The people are so friendly and welcoming.  Pastor Carlo of Xtreme said that when he preached for me that this was the friendliest church in Clarksville.
  2. The worship team is really starting to bring it all together.  I can’t wait to see where they are by summer time.
  3. On Saturday I stopped by the church to pick up some things and while there I found a picture of Pastor Gilliam’s (founding pastor) vision for the land and building.  Pastor Buster was a visionary and an awesome leader.  I look forward to serving and seeing that vision come closer to completion.


  1. Every week we are having 2-3 new families.  I am not sure how they are hearing about it but we need to figure it out
  2. We have to find a way to work on the sound system.  I get so much feed back on the stage it is sometimes distracting to me.
  3. Systems, systems, systems.

Additional Comments

Since accepting the call to lead Freedom Church in January I have started tracking numbers and people trying to memorize the stories and names of the people God has called there.  As I was going through the list I realized that if everyone showed up on the same Sunday we would be running over a 100, but that number isn’t nearly as important as the number of lives touched.  We have had 6 people give their lives to the Lord since the Uprising!

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  1. Kevin Riner says:

    First thing: chunk that lapelle mic and get a real mic.

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