Sunday April 1st The Big Idea

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Freedom Church

“Liberating the Oppressed”

Sunday’s Big Idea


After realizing with the commitments in today’s world make it hard to make it to church every single Sunday and then seeing that over a 100 people call Freedom home I thought I would start posting a summary of what we discussed on Sunday mornings.  Here is the first of Sunday’s Big Idea.

Today we started a series called Love and Death.  We are taking a look at the life and death of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of John.  We focused on John 3:16-19 and the major themes of Love and Light.  This text is so powerful that it should be memorized well past “God so Loved the World”.  Jamie Englehart a good friend of mine said “People who quote John 3:16 should learn John 3:17.”  John 3:17 is significant and the church often misses it.  God sent His son not to condemn the world but to save it.  How often as the church do we condemn the world instead of being messengers of the Gospel?  The big idea today was Love Gives, Love Doesn’t Condemn, Love Gives Eternal Life, and Love Gives You the Light.

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