Sunday’s AAR

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Freedom Church

“Liberating the Oppressed”

Sunday March 25th AAR



  1. Worship was great and keeps getting better.  Brandon our worship pastor is doing a phenomenal job at leading both the team and worship.
  2. Constantly we are having new guests at Freedom Church.  We even have guests inviting guests. What is so exciting to me is we are beginning to reach people who aren’t looking for a church but looking for answers to their problems.  Hint that answer is Jesus!  For far to long the local church has grown by transfer not conversions.  Lord let us continue to grow by conversion!
  3. I love the mission of our church.  The more I preach about how the message of Grace should be empowering us to fulfill our destiny in “Liberating the Oppressed” the more excited I get.  I cant wait to start our new series next week Love and Death (Stole the title from Brian “Head” Welch)


  1. Worship was kicking then my computer froze!  I have a macbook pro and for the first time in 3 years my computer crashed.  Some of the songs we were singing were new and it kind of killed the momentum
  2. I have to train people in computer stuff.  When the computer crashed it scrambled my brain.  For whatever reason kids could be screaming and running around and it wouldn’t interrupt my train of thought but dealing with Tech does.
  3. We need a creative team.  I don’t think I have a creative bone in my body!


Additional Comments:

It is awesome to have been called to lead Freedom Church (Formerly Willow Bend Church).  As I look towards our future I can only see more people coming to know Jesus Christ and the freedom He brings us.

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