Sunday’s Big Idea 4/15/2012

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Freedom Church

“Liberating the Oppressed”

Sunday’s Big Idea

Freedom Church has begun a pattern of growth that is bringing young and unchurched people into church and for some it is the first time in their life.  As that happens there is the tension of growth and finances. At Freedom we will always aggressively pursue the truth while trying to live it out with grace and mercy.  Today was an exception to the last part of that.  I aggressively and without compassion or mercy went after false teachers who put a burden of law on believers.  Today we talked about Tithing vs. the Grace of Giving.  I have heard far too many preachers teach that you are cursed if you don’t tithe all the while they have violated the very text they use to command it.  To be frank they have used the Law to manipulate and control believers and the Bible calls this witchcraft!  Malachi 3 shows us that there are multiple tithes and multiple offerings that Israel was required to give which was well over 10% and pushing upwards of 30%.  The New Testament (NT) principle of giving is about being connected with God and asking him what we should give.  1 Cor 9:6-15 clearly shows us that tithing isn’t a NT command.  Next week we will continue talking about the Grace of Giving and how God empowers His people to give and how to live out Grace based Giving. The Big Idea today is that Giving is NT Living.

 Scriptures on the Tithe

10% to the Levites (Numbers 18)

10% to the Festivals (Deut 14:22)

3.3% to the poor (Deut 14:28-29)

and a variety of offerings to many to list

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