Sunday’s Big Idea 4/29/2012

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“Liberating the Oppressed”

Sunday’s Big Idea

Today was one of the hardest sermons I have ever had to preach.  Over the last couple of years of my life I have come to realize the extent of damage that has been done to me.  I often was beat by my father, sometimes to the point of abuse and to compound those issues I was molested as a child.  Though I didn’t realize it till recently, I left my childhood with the distinct belief that those things happened to me because I was to weak to stop them and that I had no one to protect me.  The outcome of those core beliefs was that I became an independent and self-reliant man who was driven to be able to defend himself…hence my journey into MMA. All of us at some point have chosen to believe lies about ourselves and that interferes with a healthy and Godly life.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 23:7 “For he is like one who is inwardly calculation. (So he is).”  You might ask what does that mean?  It means that the way we think will determine a lot about the way we act.  When we look at ourselves what do we think?  The importance of that question lies in our identity. This is why the Bible tells us in Romans 12:1-2 to transform our minds!

The Big Idea today was that we all have experiences and we let those experiences define us instead of God’s truth defining us.  What do you believe about yourself that is putting your life on a detour from your destiny?  Let God meet you there and speak His truth over your life.

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  1. Brother you just hit the nail on the head! The scriptures say that when we except Christ that our spirit is sealed for the day of redemption, but our soul (mind, will, and emotions) are a battle ground. I have contemplated over the church, asking myself where is the power and authority. the dominion God gave us? God has been showing me this very thing. The enemy convinces us to trust in what we see, feel and experience instead of the truth of Gods word. I am aware of this and I still struggle with it. The church is fighting a enemy that has been defeated for over 2000 years! I really wish I couldve heard you preach this message!

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