Invocation at the 8th Annual Army Combatives Tournament

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Father God we come to you today as we train for adversity and demonstrate our willingness to fight.  We pray that you will keep us safe and that there will be no significant injuries.  We pray that we will be brave in the face of our real enemies, Lord help us to plant our feet and square our shoulders to the enemy and know no fear.

Father, we ask that you will teach the men and women here that the opposite of fear is love and that love, is for the warrior standing by their side, for their brother in arms.  Our prayers are not selfish, but selfless, for we do not pray “spare me,” but “let me not prove unworthy of my brothers,” because we fight for the men and women next to us and for no other reason.  

We are a Kingdom of warriors and You made us this way.  The language we share with you is a private language.  It is the language of warriors and we don’t care if the others don’t understand it, for You are a Warrior.  As we prepare for our destinies today we pray that we would show the Warrior Ethos.  

Father, I pray that our courage, honor, integrity, selflessness and willingness to endure adversity would be evident to everyone who sees us share in combat.  Let us conduct ourselves in such a way that all men wish to be our friends and fear to be our enemies.  Lord, you said “The Kingdom of God suffers violence, and violent men take it by force”, join us as we train to be men that take it by force.  
ImageIn Jesus name we pray amen.
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    This might be the best thing you’ve ever posted (and I’ve enjoyed many of them) …Very Cool!

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