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I have several problems with your critique of MMA. My first complaint is I am not sure what the book In His Steps has to do with anything.  It isn’t Bible and it isn’t Theology so why bring into in the equation since it has no authority?  Next, up is the statement that “ministries that focus on ‘ultimate fighters’ are giving young men a deformed view of masculinity,” then you went on to use the word meek from the Sermon on the Mount.  The word there is the same word used for humility and has nothing to do with being a tamed animal.  It literally is speaking of being humble.  The JFB commentary adds this “Towards men this disposition is the opposite of high-mindedness, and a quarrelsome and revengeful spirit; it ‘rather takes wrong, and suffers itself to be defrauded.’”  

There are serious questions that need to be raised about the use of meekness in your position.  For example, how do you balance the meekness of Jesus as you use it, with the meekness Jesus used while cleaning out the temple with a whip, that He fashioned specifically for the event?  How do you balance the meekness Jesus used when he called the Pharisees “you brood of vipers” or in our language sons of a female dog?

I am slightly amused by your misguided attempt to separate the use of combat sports from military application.  Christianity is universal.  If one can in theory train in the Martial Arts to prepare for a just war, then it is not an illicit activity.  If it were an illicit activity it would be wrong every time regardless of the activity.  So, let us call it what it is.  It is an activity that you don’t agree with.  

As a side note, I wonder what you do with Paul saying, “So I do not run aimlessly; I do not box as one beating the air”?  Paul is saying that he does more than shadow boxing, meaning he actually hits something (maybe even people.)  Your use of the two deaths in MMA is far out of context and isn’t a valid point anyway, unless you take exception to football and even Snow Skiing.  Snow Skiing by the way has had hundreds of deaths, but I notice it is missing from your critique. 

Though the word violence wasn’t specifically used in your opinion of why MMA shouldn’t be allowed for Christians, it is clear that your idea of violence has influenced your opinion.  In order to make sure there is no confusion, let me clearly state that MMA isn’t a violent sport!  I know, I know, many of you love to use the buzzword “violence” as if that settles it. 

According to the definition of the word and its usage, violence means, “physical force used to inflict injury or damage.”  I would like to point out, that by that definition you should be railing against Football.  As a matter of fact Football is far more violent, has far more injuries that are far more serious in both duration and severity if you go by the mere definition (but please don’t because I love football).  How about Hockey? Seriously, this is comical when you think about it.  I mean how many times have you been in church or in a church group and heard the joke, “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out,” yet people are decrying MMA?  Remember I said comical.  How about Basketball?  Look at how many fistfights of late have been in Basketball, yet I don’t see any of the critics of MMA calling Christians to stop participating there, I wonder why that is? 

The entire article and this position is hypocrisy to the highest level and we haven’t even finished looking at the word.  If you actually look at the word violence you will see that the root of the word is to violate.  Violate means “treat with violence, outrage, dishonor” and in some etymological dictionaries it refers to it as “violating the rights” meaning that you are destroying someone else’s freedoms and rights.  If we are going to say that MMA is violent that I am waiting for you and other preachers to begin telling the US that Football, hockey, and basketball are ungodly and we should not be watching it, participating in it, or encouraging it.

I am not even sure I want to address the last guy who compared Competitive sports with Pornography.  Lusting over someone that isn’t your spouse (which Scripturally has to be someone of the opposite sex) is sin.  The Scripture leaves no room for debate in this area.  However, if you are saying that watching MMA is like watching Pornography, then Paul at the very least is into porn since he watched enough of the games to be able to describe the practices of it (which were in the nude.)  It is the most ridiculous comment of the whole article. 

All and all neither of the guys against MMA gave even one Biblical reason why any contact sport between two willing participants (team or individual) can’t come together and test one another. 

Article from Christianity Today

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