Prayer For The State of Tennessee Senate

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Father God, we thank you for the privilege of praying for those who You have put in leadership. I thank you that they have heard Your voice and answered the call to servanthood and leadership.

I pray that You enlarge their hearts and that You give them an understanding mind to govern your people, that they may discern between good and evil and have the courage to stand against evil in all of its forms of oppression. Evil that seeks to destroy unity among Your people, evil that would destroy the freedoms of our great nation and evil that draws men away from You.

Father, they need Your wisdom, Your knowledge, but more importantly Your presence to govern Your people righteously, especially in times like these. Times that can test the hearts of even Your strongest and most faithful servants.

I ask that You continue to pour out Your grace on them and that every one of them would respond with righteousness and integrity in all the matters of the state so that under their leadership the people of Tennessee can live in peace, prosperity, and godliness.

Father, I pray that as they follow You, that You would use them to be an example to the rest of our country, a demonstration of what can happen when leadership hears from heaven. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


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  1. Ray Hynson says:

    Excellent prayer, Rev! It would also be very applicable to our entire national government as well. As long as our leaders realize there indeed is evil out there, that would be a very good start in guarding against it. God Bless!


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