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Luke 5:16 But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.

This week I went to Yonah Mountain to unplug.  It was where after being saved I first experienced the God of Creation.  I remember standing over the cliff going to the bathroom and literally tear struck at the beauty of it.  I connected with God in a way that day I never thought was possible, but it was possible because I was unplugged then and again this week.

I am probably what you would call an extreme extravert.  I love being with and around people.  As a matter of fact between pastoring and being a combatives instructor I find myself interacting with over a 100 people every day.  I don’t mean just Hi how are you, but during work in detailed conversations both in the technique and philosophy of fighting as it applies to our soldiers.  It doesn’t seem to wear on me that much when I take a look at myself on a daily basis but over the long haul I begin to really feel the effects of not taking the time to unplug from technology, the demands of work, people, and training myself. 

If I don’t force myself to take breaks and unplug I will self-destruct.  When I read through the gospel accounts of the Ministry of Jesus we see Him unplugging from ministry and people often.  Maybe He was like me and an extreme extrovert or maybe He was a guy that was easily distracted from being able to hear His Father’s voice or maybe it is just the pressure of being the Son of God sent to die for you and me.  The Scripture never really tells us what the reasons were but it tells us He did it regularly.

Don’t let the busyness of life keep you from God. Get out and connect with Him. As much as possible every week try to take time to unplug and connect.  At least every other month try and take a weekend.  Every year take a vacation where you unplug for a week.  Take the time to emotionally, spiritually, and physically you unplug and connect with God. 

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