I am not Al Bundy

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Last year I wrote a series of columns on Clash Daily about the war against men.  I received a few private messages scoffing at my observations, but I want to say it again there is a war against men and I saw a clear picture of that war painted in an article written by Slate.  In that article Amanda Hess states that basically all men are guilty of sexism and misogyny when she says, “Others claimed that they deliberately ignore it. There could also be a performative aspect to this public outpouring of male shock—a man who expresses his own lack of awareness of sexism implicitly absolves himself of his own contributions to it.”  I have noticed in marriage books, movies, TV series, and comedy routine that men are constantly put down and blamed for all the woes of women.  To be fair some of it is men, but to categorically define all men as sexist and misogynists is bigotry at its finest.   I am not Al Bundy and neither are the majority of the men that I hang with.  Are we perfect?  No way, but it doesn’t make me a sexist or a misogynist.  When will women will stand up and take responsibility for the things they wear, the things they say, and all of the ways they contribute to making themselves objects?  Regardless of what they wear it doesn’t justify making them objects or treating them as such, but if they don’t want to be objects then be different, be the woman God made you to be!!!

After reading the article ladies tell me what you think.  Do you believe all men are sexists and misogynists?



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